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Group Employer Benefits

Employees across the board agree that the benefit package being offered influences their overall feelings about the company and their loyalty to their employer. Employee benefits increase retention and make for a more happy and stable workforce for your company.


Health Insurance is a great base to any benefits package, but many employers don't realize there are newer more innovative options that can still provide health insurance for your company but cost you as the employer much less. Better yet, depending on how the year goes, some of our clients even get money back from their insurance provider at the end of the year. I love being able to give those checks to business owners.

Employers now have many options in terms of how much they want to contribute to their employees' benefits. You can decide what this looks like based on your company's budget. Other popular benefits you can offer your employees may be dental/vision, life insurance, disability insurance, or supplemental insurance like cancer or critical illness insurance. It's up to you, I just help facilitate the perfect fit for your business to help your company succeed in retaining the talent you already have and attracting more.


Reach out to me today and we'll go over the unique needs of your business to see what benefits package makes the most sense. Or if you already have some benefits in place, it doesn’t hurt to have a fresh set of eyes to take a look at them and see if we can do better and or save you money. Helping business owners navigate these complexities is what I love doing!

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